How it works

1. Install the Magento Extension.

2. Select a past period to be analysed.

3. Select a future period to be forecasted.

4. Generate a report.


How it works

Sales Forecast

Predict sales amount, revenue and cancellation probability for the next days.

By Data Mining your sales history, Sales Forecast for Magento creates a Predictive Modeling and uses it with advanced Big Data Analytics and Machine Learning techniques.

The result is an amazing high accuracy prediction report with how many sales you will have in the future.

Sales Forecast

Demand Forecasting

Predict how many units of each product you will sell per day.

Identify stockouts in advance with interactive charts and reports of Consumer Demand Prediction.

The power of antecipate your Picking, Packing and Inventory Management.

SKU Name 2018-08-20 2018-08-21
194F Product 194F Forecast upper: 15
Forecast mean: 9
Forecast lower: 3
Forecast upper: 18
Forecast mean: 12
Forecast lower: 6
22A2 Product 22A2 Forecast upper: 8
Forecast mean: 10
Forecast lower: 2
Forecast upper: 10
Forecast mean: 7
Forecast lower: 4
57R Product 57R Forecast upper: 5
Forecast mean: 4
Forecast lower: 3
Forecast upper: 8
Forecast mean: 5
Forecast lower: 2
88G3 Product 88G3 Forecast upper: 22
Forecast mean: 15
Forecast lower: 8
Forecast upper: 25
Forecast mean: 14
Forecast lower: 3

Compare Results

You can compare the prediction and results after the forecast period ends.

All forecasts use Scenario Analysis principle. You can analyse and compare your results considering 3 different forecast bounds: upper, mean and lower.

Get the accuracy of each prediction and analyse your goals.

Compare Results


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This is a replica of a real store with production data. It is a true a experience of what this powerful solution can do.

Click on "Demo" button and go to Reports, Get4Cast, Sales Forecast, Forecast History on Magento Admin Panel menu.




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Free Magento module.

No setup fee, monthly bills or contracts.

Pay only when you generate a report. The report price varies according to the amount of data which needs to be processed. Use the price calculator to get a quote right now.

Product facts: it is risk free. No need credit card or email to start using it. You have literally nothing to lose.

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Compatible with Magento platform

Versions: 1.5, 1.6, 1.6.1,, 1.7, 1.8, 1.8.1, 1.9, 1.9.1, 1.9.2.

No credit card or e-mail required.

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Step-by-step installation guide: Installation guide

Generating your first report: How to generate a report

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